Apologies to anyone who may have been waiting for this for how many months ! The last few months have been a little terrifying but also so exhilarating ! When we launched officially in January, we did get off to an amazing start, with the massive research project for Salford Royal Foundation Trust Hospital, the work with Hope School, Liverpool, the training for the NHS, the training for Big Life, Liverpool, Poetry and a Pint for The Whitworth, and not forgetting the amazing workshop for GP’s. If this wasn’t enough, I’m continuing to still develop and learn as a writer and performance artist. Put in some serious legwork with Charlie Pink, in accessing acoustic open mics, had a brill gig for Sangri La (despite guitar problems) and still writing, on and on, with poetry, songs and work on new play. Still adjusting to this new life, still want to secure a more sustained planned approach to the work, but must say I’ve learned an awful lot in such a short space of time and know, there’s still a way to go ! Big thanks to all of those that have helped me get this far, Tim, Charlie, Craig, Pete Smith, Josanne, The Big Life, The Whitworth (especially Esme, Ed and Wendy), Avril, Rohid, Jen, Claire, Brink, Elaine, Paul Stevens, Mike B, John, Sally, Duncan, Colin, Brian and so on and on, the list is endless, reflecting the support needed to get to here and not even mentioned family yet !

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