Salford Royal Hospital Weight Management Service: A study into male user participation

193I was asked by Salford Royal Hospital in 2013, to conduct research into improving male participation on the Weight Management Programme. As part of this research we would consult with men in Salford, about the service that would appeal to them and also to try to understand the barriers to male participation.

I utilized a mixture of one to one qualitative interviews, which was conducted with the use of a questionnaire and questions, along with qualitative focus groups.
I also utilized one to one qualitative phone interviews.
I held focus groups at Little Hulton, Methodist Church, Little Hulton, Salford, with a well established male group. At Irlam Fire Station with members of Irlam Fire Service and members of the public and at Salford Royal Foundation Trust, with male staff.
I held telephone interviews with former Weight Management Service, service users.
I held one to one interviews at Salford Royal Foundation Trust and, Cornerstones, Langworthy, Salford.
In total, I carried out 50 interviews with men in Salford.
I also carried out a desktop research.

Key recommendations
• Rebrand the service as a ‘new service’ aimed at men
• Build up database of all overweight/obese men in Salford and send out personalized invites for appointment, which highlight, ‘why it would benefit the men themselves’
• Adopt a ‘male friendly’ approach, possible staff training in ‘therapeutic interviewing’ and ‘male health approaches
• Explore ‘male only’ weight management group’s, with a focus on fun, sustainability and individual ownership
• Engage with men around weight and lifestyle issues at key ‘life moments’ for men, around the time of births and deaths
• Create a ‘sensitive gym’ environment meeting the needs of unhealthy, unconfident males
• Conduct strategic promotion and publicity, with use of local and national press of ‘new and innovative’ men’s health approach
• Explore ‘new interventions’, such as community weight management programmes working with Salford Fire Service, Manchester United FC, FC United, Salford Reds RFC, Cornerstones Langworthy, Little Hulton Men’s Group
• Devise ‘new weight management programme’ based on The Camelon Project, Scotland
• Future appointments to fit around work commitments of men
• Explore supporting, ‘weight management in work programmes’
• Publicise and promote ‘in house’ weight management service for men at Salford Royal, for male staff
• To verify that Salford Royal Hospital gives full backing, support and promotion of ‘in house service’
• To celebrate key achievements and to publicise accordingly

To download the full report- report 1

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